This project is co-funded by the European Union within the CIP Eco-Innovation initiative of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, CIP.

The technology

Gamle Mursten ApS has developed a technology that handles demolition waste through cleaning concrete and cement from old bricks. The cleaning process is environmently friendly, using no water or chemicals – only vibration. This vibration-based system has continuously been developed and improved during the last eight years.

Initially, in the design process, the focal point was to identify the best way of reusing and cleaning bricks. The goal was to achieve an end product with desirable properties without using chemicals or water. This was essential to transform waste material, which costs money to dispose, into a reusable product that can generate profit. These have been the main technical challenges which resulted in an innovative and patentable solution. The consortium partner Scan-Vibro A/S has been involved in the technological development of the first versions of the cleaning technology.

The cleaning process – from waste to product

The demolition brick debris is loaded into a hopper, which is then transported on conveyers to the separator that separates mortar and other materials, such as wires, cement and wood from the bricks. An automated system further separates whole bricks from damaged bricks. The bricks are then cleaned in a patented, vibration-based process. After cleaning, the bricks are manually sorted according to their visual characteristics, quality and value. Each brick is then placed on a conveyer system to be automatically stacked and wrapped by a robot. The bricks are then ready for a prolonged life in a new building.