This project is co-funded by the European Union within the CIP Eco-Innovation initiative of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, CIP.


Gamle Mursten ApS


Gamle Mursten up-cycles bricks to create more beautiful buildings and to save the world from the CO2 emissions caused by the production of new bricks. Through a patented technology, Gamle Mursten ensures that demolition waste can be cleaned and the bricks reused. Since 2003, Gamle Mursten has continuously developed the brick cleaning technology while supplying reused bricks to all of Denmark.

The old bricks are cleaned, manually sorted and stabled by a robot; we sell to new construction as well as renovation of existing buildings where the builder wants to save the environment from CO2.

Role in the REBRICK project: Gamle Mursten is the coordinator and initiator of the REBRICK project. Gamle Mursten is responsible for the management of the project and for the construction and operation of the Copenhagen brick refurbishing facility that will be set up as a part of the REBRICK project. Gamle Mursten is also responsible for setting up supplier networks for the Copenhagen facility.



D’Appolonia is an Italian engineering consulting company active on the international market since the early 80’s. During the early years, D’Appolonia pioneered engineering applications for industrial and power facilities. Since then, the company has developed a multidisciplinary staff with extensive capabilities in the earth sciences, civil, environmental and structural engineering, risk assessment, health and safety, chemical and process engineering, system and transport engineering, electronics, telecommunications, and innovation engineering. D'appolonia's staff have the compenticy of identifying and managing unconventional solutions for industrial and engineering needs.

D’Appolonia is able to provide qualified engineering services as strategic consulting, planning, design, and program and construction management. Regarding innovation engineering, D’Appolonia has developed significant experience in providing both technical as well as strategic support to innovation, particularly to SMEs, through technology scouting and technology intelligence activities, market analyses, analyses of barriers to market entry, and business modelling activities.

Role in the REBRICK project: D’Appolonia will be involved in the development of comprehensive strategies that will ensure an European market uptake of the brick cleaning technology. D’Appolonia will also be responsible for market analysis and dissemination activities in the project.



Scan Vibro A/S

Role in the REBRICK project: Scan-Vibro has worked closely with Gamle Mursten to develop the concept and components of the existing brick cleaning unit. Thus, Scan-Vibro will be responsible for the technology upgrades, product development and customisation for different European markets.